Reconnect with your Soul, Renew your Energy, Reignite your Sacredness



Chiron Retreats is an inspirational experience reuniting the human
soul with the Sacred Mysteries of life, based on Ancient Greek Wisdom

What are Chiron Retreats;

Chiron Retreats is an endeavor to reunite the human soul with the Sacred Mysteries of Life, the Inner Self and the Cosmic Order. It’s a transformational experience based on Greek Ancient Wisdom to support awareness in everyday life.
“Returning to Greece is our psychological response to a threatening collapse … Our culture has the tendency to look to Greece, when it refers to the glory of the past, perfection, grace and spiritual clarity, as well as when it seeks its own “beginnings,” since Greece is the cradle of our civilization. Our goal is to turn to Greece, looking for psychological insight, to understand what this “Greece” has to offer that is so attracted to the soul and what it is exactly that the soul finds in Greece.”

(James Hillman, Initiator of Archetypal Psychology)

Our retreats promise you an unprecedented experience of reaching a state of natural harmony with your Self. Something already imprinted within each one of us, yet sometimes neglected. Prices start at € 1.080. The fee includes, daily classes three times a day, guided meditation, support, accommodation, full board – 3 meals a day, transport to and from the Retreat, local excursion transport.
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Which are the three healing models of CHIRON RETREATS?

Chiron Retreats are empowered by three timeless healing models:
A. Chiron Therapy
B. Harmonization with nature
C. Ancient Greek nutrition


The Golden Verses 
A manual on Well-Being by Pythagoras


We will reconnect with

  • The “Virtuous Intelligence,” our personal guide who lives within us.
  • The five-pointed Star of Hygeia (Health) and the harmonization of the 5 elements through the Orphic Hymn of Health.

We will practice

  • The daily planning of well-being through the Morning Meditation and the Evening Self-Examination.
  • Creative Visualization and Critical Thinking.
  • How to honor our body through the Pythagorean Mindful Nutrition

We will meditate on

  • The Sacred Tetractys[1], the sacred symbol of the Pythagoreans.
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