reconnecting with our self through ancient greek wisdom


Chiron Retreats is an endeavor to reunite the human soul with the Sacred Mysteries of Life, the Inner Self and the Cosmic Order.
It’s a transformational experience based onGreek Ancient Wisdom to support awareness in everyday life.

“Returning to Greece is our psychological response to a threatening collapse … Our culture has the tendency to look to Greece, when it refers to the glory of the past, perfection, grace and spiritual clarity, as well as when it seeks its own “beginnings,” since Greece is the cradle of our civilization. Our goal is to turn to Greece, looking for psychological insight, to understand what this “Greece” has to offer that is so attracted to the soul and what it is exactly that the soul finds in Greece.”

James Hillman, Initiator of Archetypal Psychology

Our retreats promise you an unprecedented experience of reaching a state of natural harmony with your Self.
 Something already imprinted within each one of us, yet sometimes neglected.

The Golden Verses.

A manual on Well-Being by

«The awareness that we have a magnificent and superior character disorganizes us more than the awareness that we are petty and unworthy. Naturally, we are both. However, we usually do not discover these two aspects at the same time. Gold is associated with the higher calling… Ignoring our golden part is equally destructive to ignoring the dark side of our soul». (R. A. Johnson) Unlocking the treasury of the ancient Greeks, Chiron Therapy brings back a long forgotten tool, deeply engraved both in the Greek soul and the collective soul, necessary for the extraction of the highly valued golden aspect of ourselves: the daily self-examination, as displayed in the Golden Verses of Pythagoras – the “purified extract” of Pythagorean philosophy. Pythagoras’ Golden Verses are characterized as “golden” because they reveal to us how to transform the “heavy”, dark and unrefined parts of our Self, the lead of our soul, into gold, i.e. into refined and noble qualities – the “Divine Virtues”.

Upcoming retreat

A 5day retreat in Greece,
3-7 June 2019.

CHIRON THERAPY is a modern psychotherapeutic approach based on the activation of three important therapeutic tools of the ancient Greek thought: a) Philosophy b) Language Etymology c) Myths/Symbols/Archetypes It’s aim is the ultimate therapy, “KNOW THYSELF”, which leads the individual to reconnect with the “Virtuous Intelligence” that resides within him / her. It is rather an attitude or stance to life as it reminds us how to honor and celebrate “Living” (ΖΗΝ) by moving to the sacred art of “Well-Being” (ΕΥ ΖΗΝ).

Facilitators of the Seminar

Ioanna Makridou

Couns. Dip., MA.

Ioanna Makridou

Integrative Therapist, Mental Health Counselor, Founder and Scientific Responsible of “THERATREE-Awakening the Senses of the Soul”. Initiator of CHIRON THERAPY which is her vision and life’s work.

She completed her postgraduate studies in Psychotherapy (M.A. in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, Middlesex UK) as a Mental Health Counselor (COSCA, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Scotland UK). She has completed Postgraduate Programs in Gestalt Therapy (San Fransisco Gestalt Institute & Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt), Trauma Therapy and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Couples therapy (Psychogenetic System), Family Therapy (Adlerian Training Institute, Inc.), «Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Holotropic Breathwork», Clinical Psychopathology (Eginition Hospital, Athens) etc.

Her personal interest in the psychological and spiritual development emerged through her participation in groups exploring various philosophical schools of thought and spiritual traditions. By staying in relevant centers in England and India, she pursued the integration of Western and Eastern thought and obtained skills and techniques which she uses in her groups.

She is the founder of the «THERATREE» group, which aims to awake the Senses of the Soul, primarily through experiential work with archetypes and ancient Greek myths in the context of Chiron Therapy.


Vitor Rodrigues


Vitor Rodrigues

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Trainer and Writer

He works in the field of Transpersonal Psychology and delivers trainings in the areas of Regression Therapy, Hypnosis, Psychic Defense, Meditation, Stress Management, Personal and Spiritual Development. As a therapist, he has developed his own approach, “Awakening Transpersonal Psychotherapy” and as a writer he has published 15 books, 7 of which are self-help books.

He was President of the European Transpersonal Association and has also taught and lectured in countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, and Brazil.

In Greece, he collaborates with the “THERATREE” psychotherapeutic group aiming at achieving well-being, bringing thus together ancient Greek philosophy and psychotherapy.

George Lathyris

George Lathyris

Lawyer, Philologist specialized in linguistics, Author, Researcher of Ancient Greek literature

He works as an author, translator and teacher. He has been coordinating and managing the work of “Heliodromion” Cultural-Research Society since its foundation in 1992. He delivers courses on the Ancient Greek Language, History and Philosophy at the seat of “Heliodromion” in Athens and has given numerous lectures in Greece and other countries.

He has worked for many years with self-awareness groups and conducted more than 150 workshops on purely Greek topics. Seeking the roots of the Language itself, he has been led to the systematic study and deep knowledge of ancient Greek language as a source of the modern Greek language as well as many other contemporary ones. For Heliodromion publications, he has edited, commented and translated many important works of the ancient Greek Literature, such as: “On Cheerfulness” by Plutarch, “On Statues” by Porphyrius, “On the Hieratic Art of the Hellenes” and “Sacred Hymns” by Proclus, Plato’s” Cratylus – On the Correctness of Names”, etc.

He collaborates with the team of “THERATREE-Awaking the Senses of the Soul”, aiming at the alignment and harmonization of modern man through the creative and experiential approach of Chiron Therapy, integrating ancient Greek philosophy and modern psychotherapy.


Ioanna Makridou

Vitor Rodriguez

George Lathyris

The Organizing Team

Spiros Vossos

Management Consultant

Spiros Vossos

He is a manager with extensive experience in the fields of Business Strategy, Management Consulting, Strategic Alliances, Cleantech, Sustainability, Real Estate Development & Construction. During his career he has served at top managerial positions in various international organizations where he developed expertise in the areas of general management, investment management, sales & marketing, retail, project development, sector re-engineering, start-ups, niche markets, and global business development. He holds a BSc in Physics from National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, and an MSc in Management Engineering from LIU, New York, USA.

His love for the Ancient Greek spirit and Well-Being, as reflected by Chiron Therapy, have led him to collaborate as advisor with “THERATREE” for the Chiron Harmonize Retreats organization.

Maria Kokolaki

Communication & Public Relations Consultant

Maria Kokolaki

Maria Kokolaki has studied Advertising and Marketing in Greece and England. She holds a combined Bachelor’s degree in “Media, Communication and Culture” from Coventry University, U.K. She has worked as a text editor in major advertising companies (MacCan Ericson, Euro RSCG, etc.). She is professionally involved in public relations and events organization. She collaborates with musical ensembles in concerts and other musical events and she has organized the CReat Music Festival.

She has been working together with Ioanna Makridou and her team “THERATREE” (IANOS 2012-2013, “Presentation of Experiential Theratree Seminars”) on a permanent basis and she actively participates in the life work “Awakening the Senses of the Soul”.

Tatiana Tourna

Marketing Consultant

Tatiana Tourna

Tatiana Tourna is professionally engaged in communications and has three decades of experience, including staffing and general management of advertising agencies managing multinational accounts, major radio stations and publishing organizations, event management companies as well as business marketing departments. In 2005 she founded the “T-shop Marketing Services”, providing marketing services, and developing specialization in the areas of experiential marketing and digital content creation. She was a consultant in the 5th Division of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and is an Organizational and Executive Committee member of the Pan-Hellenic Mathidiada Association.

She collaborates with the THERATREE team as a marketing consultant for Chiron Therapy development and Chiron Harmonize Retreats, as she is inspired by its essence and scientific thoroughness.

Katerina Perikleous

Administrative Support, Remedial and Special Educator

Katerina Perikleous

Katerina Perikleous has studied English Language and Literature at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds a Master’s Degree (M.Ed, with Distinction) in Special Education Needs from Leeds University, UK. She has been trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis and Alternative Ways of Communicating with Children in the Autism Spectrum Disorders (TEAACH, PECS). She has worked as a Remedial Teacher at Centers for children and adolescents with learning disabilities. She has attended many international and local conferences and participated as a speaker in seminars with various themes and topics. She writes articles in magazines for parents and children and her writing activity includes publishing a book about teaching English to children with learning disabilities, as well as a the book Calm myself down? Forget about it! addressing children with ADHD and their carers. She is a member of the European Dyslexia Association (EDA) and Panhellenic Association of Special Educators.

She maintains close cooperation with Ioanna Makridou and the “THERATREE” team actively contributing to the vision of Chiron Therapy and “Awakening the Senses of the Soul”.

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